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The Seventh American Forest Congress is a citizens' Congress, designed to develop and realize a shared vision for the future of America's forests. The main gathering of the Forest Congress convened between February 20-24, 1996 in Washington D.C. Approximately 1,500 people from around the country participated in this unique event. Many of the documents leading up to and resulting from the Forest Congress are available by mail. The Summary Report details the level agreement achieved at the Forest Congress on a vision for America's forests and principles to guide actions aimed at achieving the vision.

To be truly successful, continued public participation through the implementation stage of the Forest Congress will be needed. The focus of Forest Congress activities has now shifted to work at the local and national levels to continue the dialogue, build on the trust that has been established, and move toward the vision. Your active participation is encouraged.

Each of the six previous forest congresses marked a major turning point in the nation's policy. Forest Congresses occurred in 1882, 1905,1946, 1953, 1963, and 1975. The Seventh American Forest Congress was planned by dozens of prominent leaders from conservation organizations, business, universities, and federal, state, and tribal government. The central pre-Congress activities were the 51 local roundtables that took place all across America in late 1995. It was upon this foundation that the participants in the February 1996 Forest Congress meeting in Washington, D.C. built their shared vision for the future of American public and private forests.

The Forest Congress Today

Results of the Seventh American Forest Congress, February 1996, Washington, D.C.
Updated 4/13/98:Reports from participants in the Seventh American Forest Congress
Current Events Updated 7/8/98
Results of Legacy Committee meeting, February 1-2, 1997
Forest Congress Implementation Structure
National Implementation Committees and Forest Congress Information Center
Members of the Forest Congress Legacy Committee
Many Voices...A Common Vision, the Forest Congress newsletter
Volume 1, Number 4 -- June 1996
Volume 2, Number 1 -- October 1996
Volume 2, Number 2 -- March 1997

Background on the Seventh American Forest Congress

Common Questions and Answers
Provides basic background information on the Forest Congress
Nebraska Roundtable - - - (January 1995)
Issued the call to convene the Seventh American Forest Congress
Planning - - - (February-June 1995)
Board of Directors formed as Seventh American Forest Congress' organizing body. Board Committees appointed and initial plans for Forest Congress activities drafted. (Note: Board of Directors disbanded in April 1996)
Senior Sponsors Board formed as advisory group to the Seventh American Forest Congress. (Note: Senior Sponsors Board disbanded in April 1996)
Pilot Local Roundtables - - - (June - August 1995)
These sessions tested the format for roundtables. The vision statements adopted at these four roundtables are available under each title.
Arkansas , Connecticut , Central Minnesota , Portland (Oregon)Metropolitan Area
Local Roundtables, Collaborative Meetings, and Responses from Individuals - - - (August 1995-January 1996)
Input on vision, principles and next steps from all stakeholders
Visions from local roundtables
Reporting on Developments Leading up to February 96 Forest Congress Gathering
Office of the Forest Congress produces and distributes three issues of the newsletter Many Voices...A Common Vision.
Volume 1, Number 1 -- August 1995
Volume 1, Number 2 -- October 1995
Volume 1, Number 3 -- December 1995
Synthesis and Planning - - - (December 1995 - January 1996)
Consolidate input from stakeholders
Seventh American Forest Congress convenes - - - (February 20-24, 1996)
Identified points of agreement on vision and principles and began to develop post-Congress action steps
Post Congress Implementation- - - (March 1996 and beyond)
Address policy, management, research, education, and community needs identified through the Forest Congress process. Current Events Updated 7/8/98

Many Voices...A Common Vision newsletter Volume 1, Number 4 -- June 1996
Many Voices...A Common Vision newsletter Volume 2, Number 1 -- October 1996
Many Voices...A Common Vision newsletter Volume 2, Number 2 -- March 1997


For more information on how to participate in any of the post-Congress actitivities or to obtain Forest Congress documents please contact the Forest Congress Information Center. To obtain a four page summary of the results of the February 1996 Seventh American Forest Congress meeting held in Washington DC, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Forest Congress Information Center:

Forest Congress Information Center
Yale Forest Forum*
205 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Fax: (203)-432-3809

or call 203-432-5117

*Visit the Yale Forest Forum website at to learn about the Forum's other activities.
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